28 Mar CORONAVIRUS – latest

Following lockdown we are now returning to a more normal operation, although some of the restrictions will continue to apply, these include not allowing clients onto the premises (except in exceptional circumstances) and are now able to conduct routine procedures and consultations. Please continue to phone through all orders for repeat prescriptions or other supplies to be collected on arrival. Should there be a local resurgence of coronavirus infection, we will have to return to the full restrictions that were previously current during the national lockdown in which case we will not be able to see patients for routine consultations or procedures (such as health checks, routine claw clipping, vaccinations, neutering or non-essential surgery), but we will remain open to all emergency cases and ask that in such circumstances clients contact us by telephone if you require any advice. In order to minimise the risks of coronavirus transmission, we will continue to be running with reduced staffing levels and will be closing our Leamington branch at 6 pm Mon-Fri.

We also wish to express our support and gratitude to all those who are working extra hard at the moment, including our own staff, but also those working in the supply industry, manning our supermarkets and of course everyone involved in the NHS who are putting themselves at risk.

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