For all clients who have been in contact with or who might be incubating the condition

If you are self-isolating or if you are showing any of the symptoms of coronavirus:

  • A new persistent cough
  • A fever/high temperature
  • Shortness of breath/breathlessness
  • Feeling unwell

Please DO NOT enter the surgery.

In an emergency, if your pet needs to be seen please call the practice in the first instance and ask a family member or a friend who is NOT showing any signs to bring the pet to the clinic.

On arrival please park as close as possible and phone us, remain in your vehicle and a member of staff who will be wearing gloves and a face mask, will come to the car and collect your pet. All discussions about the patient’s history and clinical presentation will be conducted by phone.

Our phone number is 01926 330 179.

If you are elderly and have been self-isolating to avoid catching the virus. The above procedure will also be followed to minimise any risk of exposure from other clients on our premises.

For all other clients, who are healthy and have no known exposure to the virus

Please contact the practice as normal. You will be asked to confirm that you have not been self-isolating and have none of the symptoms of Coronavirus (listed above).

Please order any pet food, wormers, flea products and medicines by phone in advance so that we can get them prepared for you to collect, and minimise the time spent waiting at reception.

Please use the hand sanitisers where available.

Please avoid entering the waiting room too early by arriving on time. If there are other people waiting, please wait outside until they have finished and left the building. If you prefer to wait in your car, please notify reception by phone so that you can be called in when you can be seen.

Please bring as few people as possible with the patient. If you have more than one child please wait in the car and we will collect the pet from you as detailed above.

We apologise for any inconvenience but these measures are being put in place in order to protect both clients and staff and to minimise the risk of spreading coronavirus infection. We would recommend all clients to follow any government advice and keep up to date with the latest announcements. For the time being we are no longer accepting visits from company representatives.

Please feel free to print off this advice and bring it with you as a handy reminder.

S. J. Hales Veterinary Group


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